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Ballarat Hot Water and Plumbing provides professional heat pump hot water services that embody innovation and year-round reliability. Whether you need a new system, an upgrade, or maintenance of an existing one, I am dedicated to delivering solutions that are tailored to your exact needs.

How Heat Pumps Work

The operation of a heat pump hot water system is quite straightforward yet ingenious. In essence, it functions much like a refrigerator, but in reverse. Rather than emitting cool air like a fridge does, it utilises electricity to capture heat from the air surrounding the unit and transfer it to the water.

The process consists of three phases:

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Compression Phase

The heat pump’s working process begins in the “absorption phase.” Here, an evaporator coil (containing refrigerant) absorbs thermal energy from the environment.

Heat Transfer Phase

In the next step, this high-pressure gas passes through a heat exchanger, facilitating a heat transfer process. The thermal energy garnered from the compression step is then transferred to the colder water in your home or business’s hot water system storage tank.

Expansion Phase

Finally, allowing the high-pressure gas to expand converts it back into a low-pressure liquid refrigerant. The cycle then repeats, starting from the absorption phase again.

Types of Heat Pump Hot Water System

There are two main types of this system: integrated and split.


An integrated heat pump system, also known as a monobloc, houses all components within a single unit. The heating process involving both the air-source heat pump and the storage tank takes place internally.

The main benefit of an integrated system is its straightforward implementation; since all components are contained within one unit, the system requires simple installation with minimal system integration complications.


A split heat pump hot water system segregates the heat pump and the hot water tank, placing them in different locations within your home. The outdoor unit absorbs heat energy from the air and transfers it to the indoor tank via a refrigerant line.

Split systems offer flexibility in terms of installation location, as you only need outdoor space for the pump and indoor space for the tank. Should either the pump or the tank require maintenance or replacement, inconvenience is reduced, as you won’t need to replace the entire system.

If you need help choosing which system aligns best with your property’s needs, I am here to assist you. With expertise spanning all aspects of heat pump hot water systems, I am well-equipped to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

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