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Gas Plumber Ballarat

Hot Water and Plumbing

Hot water problems? You’ve come to the right place. I’m experienced in all types of hot water heaters and I am ready to help with a wide range of spare parts and technical knowledge to get the problem fixed. Need a replacement hot water service? If your current hot water service can’t be fixed I can install a new one for you in a time and cost-efficient manner, I’ll even get rid of the old one. Service with a smile that goes the extra mile!

Hot Water Systems

There are many different options for heating water in your home, feel free to give me a call to discuss the best option for you. Whether its gas storage or gas continuous flow/instantaneous, electric or solar, I am fully licensed and insured in all areas of plumbing and I also hold a restricted electrical license to make your hot water changeover seamless.

Government Rebates

There are currently government rebates when replacing an electric hot water service with either a solar or gas hot water service, and also other rebates for the installation of a solar hot water service regardless of what it is replacing. I can handle all of the associated paperwork for the rebates to ensure it is a smooth process for you. Call me today to discuss how you can take advantage of the current government incentives.


Collaborate with a Professional Gas Plumber in Ballarat

With the cost of electricity constantly rising, it’s essential to find new ways to reduce your expenses at the end of the month. Certain amenities allow you to enjoy your property, such as water, security, drainage, electricity or gas. Imagine stepping into the shower to find that you have to deal with cold water. To avoid this situation and assist in cutting back on expenses, you should consider hiring a gas plumber in Ballarat. In fact, Ballarat Hot Water is a reliable professional who simplifies the process of switching over to gas.

Hot water system

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Benefits of Hiring Gas Plumbers from Ballarat

Gas is becoming the primary option for households across Australia. Characteristics such as reliability and availability make it a suitable alternative to traditional heating sources. Even though it’s popular, it’s a dangerous component to work with, which is why you should recruit a gas fitter with qualification and skills.

  • Poorly installed gas systems can have serious consequences. Instead of having a tiny leak that an amateur or DIY enthusiast overlooked, a proper gas fitter inspects their work to ensure that it is perfect. Their qualifications allow them to examine the complete system to spot corrosion, dents or breaches that can lead to other issues.
  • Knowing the status of your system is crucial since gas is an incredibly sensitive element. It’s wise to obtain an accurate view of your setup to avert potential disasters. A competent gas plumber like myself possesses the correct tools to run diagnostics and other tests to determine the condition of the gas system. Consequently, if there’s a leak present, you can deal with it immediately.
  • Homeowners should strive to find out more about their gas systems – since it provides you with hot water. Understanding the operations of your gas setup can help in emergencies. When you have a gas plumber at your premises, pick their brain regarding information about your system. Consequently, you maximise on their visit and may discover ways to handle minor repairs by yourself.

What To Expect from Ballarat Hot Water as a Gas Plumber

My name is Kev, and I’ve been servicing residents around Ballarat with their gas hot water installation and repairs.

  • Since I have experience working with all types of hot water systems, I can assist with advanced technical knowledge to provide a solution. One of these is replacing your old hot water system.
  • Alternatively, if you’re having issues with your current hot water system, I can use my equipment and skills to perform a diagnostic test and identify the problem. I will try to repair your system with my wide range of spare parts as a complete replacement is the last resort.
  • I am fully licensed and hold the necessary liability insurance in addition to a restricted electrical licence to seamlessly change over your hot water systems.

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What You Gain by Selecting Ballarat Hot Water

I started working in the industry in 2003 and have slowly developed my tight-run operation to be the best in the area. I love what I do and can’t imagine working anywhere else. I aim to ensure that you’re happy with my service upon completion of the project.

Contact me if you want to sort out your hot water systems.


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