Everything You Should Know About Hot Water Unit Repairs

Fluctuating temperature, a leaking system, or low pressure is frustrating, yet you can readily fix any issues with quality hot water unit repairs done by a professional. Regardless of your problem, system type, or brand, I provide reliable, quality, and exceptional customer service and repairs for a wide range of units. With extensive industry experience, I offer prompt and cost-effective solutions for your hot water unit issues, including gas fitting repairs and new installations.

Signs You Should Invest in a Repair for Your Hot Water System

Consider the signs that your electric hot water requires a repair before a minor issue becomes a larger and more expensive problem.

  • Fluctuating water temperature: You would be aware that there is an issue if you had no hot water, yet fluctuating temperature can also indicate that your system is not working correctly. There may be mineral deposits building up around your unit’s heating elements causing it to operate inefficiently. I can provide a comprehensive assessment of your system to determine if your element requires a repair or replacement.
  • Low water pressure: Mineral deposits can also accumulate around your pipes and cause a blockage, reducing the water pressure coming out of your unit. Other causes of low water pressure include a poor design or a kink in your distribution lines. I have extensive technical knowledge and a selection of spare parts to professionally remedy your issue and get your water pressure back to an acceptable level.
  • Visible or metallic taste in your water: If you notice that your water has a slight rust colour, this is a sign of corrosion. Your issue is more than likely inside your water heater if only the hot tap indicates rust. You should get a professional to assess the system promptly to minimise further damage to your tank. Cloudy or strange-smelling water may be a mineral deposit issue that also requires a professional maintenance service.

Other signs that indicate you require a hot water unit service include unusual sounds coming from your tank and leaking systems.

Tips Regarding a Burst Hot Water System

Whether you notice a small or large leak coming from your system, consider my tips for what you should do to prevent serious water damage to your home.

  • Turn off the water: You should immediately turn off the water supply to your tank once you notice it is leaking. Most systems have a pipe that leads from the main water line into the hot water service. Once you find the supply valve, turn the tap off to prevent more water from entering your tank, which will reduce the flow of the leak.
  • Turn off the power to your unit: The heating element in your unit should be submerged in water. If your tank is continuing to empty due to a leak, then the water level will drop below the element and, if left on, it can become a fire hazard. You should find the breaker for your hot water tank in your electrical box or flick the power switch to turn the heating element off to minimise further damage to your unit.
  • Contact a hot water and plumbing professional: Once you have turned off the water and power supply to the unit, contact me to get a professional hot water service for your leaking tank. I am the local service agent for a wide range of brands, including Rheem, Vulcan, Aquamax, and more.

About Ballarat Hot Water

What You Can Expect From Me Regarding a Hot Water Tank Repair

You can expect professional, reliable, and cost-effective solutions for your hot water system issues.

  • Qualified and highly experienced professional: I am a highly skilled, trained and fully qualified plumber and hold a restricted electrical licence. I can assist you in finding the ideal hot water heating solution, including gas, solar, or electric options, to suit your requirements.
  • Exceptional customer service: Whether you require hot water repairs, a new installation, or a system changeover, I provide excellent customer service. I handle every job from the point of the first contact through to completion, so you won’t need to worry about any subcontractors missing details. I maintain a high standard of workmanship and use reliable and quality parts for repairs.
  • Government rebates: If you qualify for a government rebate to change your electric hot water to solar or gas, I can handle the associated paperwork to ensure a smooth and hassle-free process.

Why Trust Ballarat Hot Water Regarding Gas Hot Water Repairs?

When you require exceptional hot water system repair, maintenance, service, or installation, I have extensive industry knowledge and experience. I provide honest, reliable and cost-effective solutions to your hot water issues, including seamless changeovers, quality repairs, and prompt service. I offer the most suitable solution for your requirements. Contact me to discuss your problem or to book a repair service.


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