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Hot water has become easily accessible in a modern country like ours. However, there are civilisations around the globe who settle for using cold water for their needs or have to resort to physically heating water over an open flame or on the stove. Imagine having to wake up on a cold winter’s morning to find that something is wrong with your system as the water remains cold. Even though you have access to hot water in Ballarat, the system you have can fail if it’s old or you haven’t maintained it properly. When this happens, you should install a gas hot water system. The ideal place to start is with a competent gas plumber such as Ballarat Hot Water.

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Signs You Need to Replace Your Hot Water System

Households won’t function effectively without a proper hot water system. These components are one of the essential appliances that take care of cooking, bathing and cleaning. Several types of heating systems exist in Australia, from gas to solar, continuous flow to storage. Unfortunately, because they operate so efficiently, the majority of people think about their old hot water system only when there’s an issue, and it’s too late. Being aware of certain warning signs can help you make a proactive decision to repair or replace the system.

  • The most obvious sign there’s an issue with your system is the production of warm or cold water. Several reasons could be responsible for the failure, such as a problem with gas or electricity supply; however, this is a rare occurrence. For the majority of system failures, faulty or worn-out elements or thermostats are the main culprits. Depending on which system you have in place, it may be a costly exercise to repair – so costly that you’re better off replacing the entire system.
  • Similar to other household appliances, hot water systems have a limit to their longevity. Some brands in Australia outlive the corresponding warranty, but this depends on several factors. Your usage, climate, location and quality of the water play considerable roles in maximising the function of your water heating systems. The most common warranty ranges between five and ten years depending on the size, model and brand. Use this as a guide for when you require a hot water changeover.
  • Take time out to listen for strange noises emanating from your hot water system. Nobody wants to hear rattling, screeching, banging or hissing as this indicates worn out or loose parts within. While they won’t be extremely quiet during operation, the hot water tap shouldn’t cause serious disturbances upon opening.
  • Probably the clearest sign that you require a hot water replacement is corrosion. You can’t repair rust since it can lead to parts and fittings cracking. Consequently, leaks start to form, which isn’t healthy. If you notice that the water from your hot water tap comes out brown or has a tinge of red, stop using it immediately and find professional assistance to address the situation.
  • People often neglect leaks thinking that they won’t have a significant effect on the system. Leaky hot water taps are an indication that something is faulty, and if you don’t address it, you will notice that your water bill rises sharply. Excessive leaks are a clear sign that you need a new system.

Benefits of Continuous Flow Hot Water

This type of system is popular when your outlets are far from the primary hot water storage system. If you have limited storage, continuous flow systems boost the supply to meet demand. Large properties usually install two smaller capacity heaters since it reduces the time delay of heated water moving from one section of the premises to another. These are some of the benefits to keep in mind when installing a continuous flow system.

  • As its name suggests, you can depend on this system for a constant supply of hot water. Traditional heaters can heat a specific number of litres at a time. Once you’ve finished that supply, you have to wait for the tank to heat fresh water. However, with this solution, you won’t lose supply regardless of the number of people using the shower consecutively. This system is perfect for homes with large families or commercial operations such as gymnasiums and hotels.
  • When you’re not using hot water, this system doesn’t use energy to maintain the level of heat of the water in the tank. Consequently, you save on your electricity bill.
  • This heating system is far smaller than traditional tanks, which means you can install it in tight spaces. Houses and areas with little available space will enjoy the continuous flow system since you can fit the gas unit on an exterior wall – saving you more interior space.
  • You can easily adjust the water temperature since the system heats to a specific outlet temperature instead of first attempting to heat the water to 60°C.
  • These systems offer a degree of flexibility that every homeowner will appreciate. You can decide to power the tank up with gas, electricity or LPG. This allows you to dictate what suits your needs and budget. As a result, you can access hot water regardless of the time of day.

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Factors to Consider Regarding Gas Hot Water Systems

Deciding to install an electric hot water system or a gas hot water system involves many aspects. These are some of the factors you should bear in mind regarding a gas system for your home.

  • Whether you’re considering a system for your house or workplace, selecting the gas option is an environmentally-friendly decision. The gas that produces hot water burns cleanly, resulting in reduced emissions. Consequently, the air is cleaner and there’s less pollution.
  • Installing a gas hot water system is a far more efficient option than electricity. Gas burns hot, which means it wastes a small amount of heat. Some systems on the market have 95 percent efficiency. Additionally, an instantaneous hot water service heats the water only when you require it, eliminating losses from the storage tank.
  • More people are embracing the gas revolution because of its cost-effectiveness when you compare it to electricity. The system is far more affordable to operate, and the savings add up over time. Furthermore, you may be eligible for a hot water rebate if you switch your electric hot water systems to gas.
  • If you’re living in a house with several occupants, hot water or lack thereof can cause family feuds. It’s one of the worst feelings ever – having to wait for the water to heat up because another family member used all the water available in the tank. Homes that have electric heating experience this scenario more often than not. Conversely, the gas option heats a fresh tank of water quickly to reduce your waiting time and eliminate early morning arguments. Alternatively, consider an infinity hot water system which means you will never run out of heated water since the machine heats water on demand.

Why Choose Ballarat Hot Water Regarding Hot Water Installation

I started this journey back in 2003, and now almost 20 years later, I still enjoy assisting people with their hot water systems. Selecting the ideal system for you can be daunting, which is where I come in to offer professional advice. We can discuss your options, and you can be confident trusting me since I have formal qualifications, trade licences and liability insurance.

Regarding government rebates for switching your systems, I can handle the necessary paperwork to simplify the process for you. Happy customers and my reputation are integral aspects of my operation, which is why I’ll never compromise on my workmanship. When you’re ready, contact me, and we’ll find a suitable solution for your property.


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